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Cobra Key System Wall Board

Cobra Key Management System
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Item Number: B-160
B160-160 Cobra key management system. The cobra key systems wall boards are built from textured powder coated aluminum making them easy to mount, inexpensive to ship, and easy to maintain.  

The system is well organized with offsetting rows that allows for the keys and the id tags to hang evenly which makes it easy to read the id tags. The cobra key locks have gone through extensive testing and through numerous quality control tests. It comes ready to use, simply put keys along with an id tag and snap into the preinstalled key holder. 

A user simply inserts their numbered key into the cobra key lock which releases a set of keys. Returning the keys to the unit releases the users numbered key.  A master key allows a manager of the system to move keys quickly and efficiently. 

The cobra key system has available 8 different colors of key holders and 12 different colors of keys that are numbered to white the customer needs. 

  • 1 master key
  • 35 access keys
  • 250 key holders
  • 160-versa-tags (id) tags, and operating manual.

Price: $1,300.00

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