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Gear Shift Covers Plastic Disposable

Disposable Plastic Gear Shift Cover
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Protect against dirt, grease and the spread of infection with these durable plastic disposable gear shift covers.  One-size fits all, these covers are large enough for any size gear stick.  Buy with confidence.

  • Our gear shift covers are manufacterd 100% in the United States from durable 1 mil thick clear LDPE.
  • Each cover measures 5" x 14" - large enough to cover any gear shift on the market. Don't settle for mis-sized covers sold by some of our competitors, which are too small.
  • Show your customers that cleanliness is a top priority.
  • This product is used by auto dealership service departments, body shops, and auto repair shops who are looking to protect against the spread of dirt, grime, oil, grease, and disease.
  • The gearshift knob is an area of the car that comes in close contact with the driver and the service technicians who work on the vehicle. Our disposable gear shift covers are an inexpensive way to help protect service technicians and vehicle owners against the spread of infection.
  • 1000 premium disposable plastic gear shift covers per case
Price: Gear Shift Covers are In Stock and available for immediate shipment!
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